Humanitarian projects

Milestone invests in humanitarian projects

Milestone invests 10% of its annual profit and 10% of its carried interest in humanitarian projects mainly in the Himalayan region.

Milestone Investisseurs currently supports the following 3 NGOs:

Global Nomad

Global Nomad is a consulting company for responsible businesses, based on the Tibetan plateau, with offices in Lhasa and Chengdu. Its goal is to promote sustainable development in the Tibetan regions by providing support for any responsible organisations sharing its vision, and especially to local entrepreneurs from tourism and handicraft sectors


In Tibet, Nepal and Bihar, Matthieu Ricard’s Karuna-Shechen is a non-profit humanitarian organization that works with a network of local partners and volunteers to provide education, health care, and social services

Loden Foundation

In Bhutan : Loden is dedicated to fostering an enlightened and happy society in Bhutan through the promotion of education, learning and entrepreneurship among the Bhutanese children and young adults.

Milestone Investisseurs also sponsors specific events and projects.

Thanks to the Clean Everest 2017 project, expedition led by the Global Nomad association sponsored by Milestone Investisseurs and which took place during the Spring 2017 on the North face of Mount Everest, the mountain has lost 4.5 tons of high altitude waste (above 6,500 meters). With the support of local government who supplied 50 yaks to carry and evacuate 100 bags of waste, the expedition becomes much more than just a “one-off”. This project will serve as an example to educate local populations to the environmental issue of water on Himalayan glaciers and Tibetan plateau, from which depends the life of 2 billion people.

In May 2013, Milestone Investisseurs sponsored the first expedition of Tibetan guides to the top of Mount Everest from the Tibetan side. The 4-week expedition included 70 people, 20 of them, trained by the famous Guides de Chamonix, reached the summit at 8,848m on 19th May. This was a significant achievement for the young Tibetan guides who are now able to take mountaineers up to the summit of Everest in the tradition of their ancestors. Milestone Investisseurs is proud to have been able to make this wonderful human adventure happen.

During Spring 2016, Milestone Investisseurs sponsored Project “CLEAN EVEREST” led by the Global Nomad association with the target to collect 500 kg of waste located on the North face of Mount Everest between the base camp (5,200m) and camp n°3 (8,300m). During the 45 days of the expedition, it is finally 1,000 kg of “difficult to access” waste that were collected by 50 Tibetan guides, stored at 6,500m altitude, and then carried down to Lhasa by yaks. A modern art exposition using those waste took place in June 2016 in Lhasa, to educate young Tibetans and Lhasa’s population in general to waste cleaning, collection and recycling. Waste were recycled after the exposition.

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