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December 2012

Intra-group mobility and expatriate management services


ITX, acronym for “International Technology eXpatriation”, is a leading intra-group mobility services provider based in Geneva. It provides large multinational clients with expatriate management services. Founded in 2000 by seasoned HR and Finance executives totalling 40 years of global mobility experience, it was one of the pioneers in the large and fast growing Global Mobility Management market. Unlike other players, which typically employ the clients’ expats, ITX provides the set up and the management of Swiss based client-owned “hubs” on its clients’ behalf.  ITX act for more than 4,000 expatriates from over 70 countries and assigned to over 90 host countries. ITX is lead by Christophe Malavallon who became CEO in 2011.
Management’s ambition is to become one of the leading services providers dedicated to global mobility solutions market for multinationals across the world.


ITX has grown with no marketing spend and no sales and marketing staff, solely capitalizing on word-of-mouth and the satisfaction of its existing clients. Moreover, the number of expats, which represents ITX’s underlying market driver, is expected to increase in the long run. In fact, multinationals focus their efforts on expanding in emerging countries to benefit higher growth rates, which require special skills which are not available locally. Thus, ITX has strong potential for organic growth, with the ramp-up of expats of existing clients and the win of new clients worldwide.


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