Milestone is an independent investment company that supports and accelerates the development of privately-owned businesses operating in fast changing and growing sectors.

Investment strategy

Milestone’s core investment strategy is the development of well run, well positioned businesses where organic and/or buy-and-build strategies are used to drive strong value creation for all stakeholders without saddling companies with high debt.

Our latest investments

Invest date

March 2020

Destocking consumer goods products

Invest date

December 2012

Intra-group mobility and expatriate management services

Invest date

December 2014

Ecological household cleaning products

Invest date

February 2017

Destocking consumer goods products

Date of realisation

February 2017

Invest date

November 2010

Boilers maintenance

Humanitarian projects

Milestone commits 10% of its annual net profits and 10% of its carried interest to humanitarian projects primarily in the Himalayan region. Milestone currently supports the following three NGOs : Global NomadKaruna-Stechen & Loden Foundation.

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