Our investments


Date of realisation

April 2009

Invest date

December 2003

Flexible packaging printing


GES was a group of plastic film printing companies that produced innovative packaging solutions for various industries. In December 2003, GES acquired the Breger group. Breger was a 110 year old company specialising in the heliogravure process for high quality/short runs, with strong market positions in specific niches of mainly food related packaging applications.  Breger had developed a number of proprietary processes which it marketed under the brand names Variometal (metallised films), Holometal (incorporation of holograms) and Helio d’or (metallic colours).


GES added additional, selected specialties to its portfolio of applications by exploiting specific technical know-how so as to become one of the leading operators in the French and the UK market, where it developed a fast-growing presence prior to Milestone’s exit in 2009


The management team was led by Christian Blanchet, CEO. Christian was a seasoned manager in the flexible packaging printing industry with more than 25 years of experience, having previously worked for CPC and Bolloré.

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